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My Makers Shed

To bring color, creativity, and joy to the heart of others while introducing others to creative experiences in the presence of their Maker.

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About The Shed

Home of campbell lane winery

Located in the heart of West Linn nestled in the trees of Pete's Mountain, My Makers Shed is located at Campbell Lane Winery.

Rooted In Creativity

My Makers Shed strives to bring out the creativity in all of us. At its heart is the desire to provide a space for, cardmaking, photography, flower arrangement, leather crafts, wood working, wine making or even brewing beer.

Focused On The Mission

To inspire color and joy in the heart of others as they explore creative experiences in the presence of their Maker.

How It Started

In 2015, about six years into my mothers’ journey with Alzheimer’s I looked for ways for mom and me to engage around things that made both of our hearts happy...

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